The Hesitant Buyer

One of the best parts about being a Realtor is meeting so many different people, whether they’re buying or selling a home. In my experiences, one of the most common dilemmas I’ve encountered is the Hesitant Buyer. These are typically your middle class, hard-working, frugal and responsible family types, who just aren’t quite so sure […]

Homes Still Sell During the Holidays

I had to take some new clients out last week to look for a home.  They’re moving into the Madison, WI area to be closer to family and are ready to buy a house now.  The problem is that it’s October and they just can’t find what they’re looking for.  Their expectations and price range […]

Staging Vacant Homes is Essential

I often tell my sellers how important staging is, particularly when the home is vacant.  Sometimes the sellers have extra furniture and it’s an easy task but often times it’s not which then leads to a discussion about furniture rental and a professional staging service.  Of course, having a vacant home is already an expensive […]

Wisconsin Mortgage Rates

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