Preparing Your Home for a Photo Shoot

Most buyers’ first exposure to your home will be via pictures on the internet. High quality photographs mean the difference between a quick sale or languishing on the market with few showings. I utilize a professional photographer for all of my listings and the quality of the photographs is amazing. This makes it even more important to be sure that your home looks its absolute best. Here’s a few tips to do so:

The goal of the photographs is to showcase your home online. To best accomplish that, we want to remove any extraneous objects which could catch buyers’ attention in the pictures and distract them from your house. Here are some tips to help us obtain the best photographs possible:

General Areas:

  • Make sure that you remove the following items and place them out of sight (drawer, closet, cupboard).
  • Tissue boxes, garbage cans, litter box, pet food, food bowls.
  • Turn on all lights (even the one under the range) and open all blinds.


  • Remove everything possible from the kitchen counter so that the focus is solely on the counter space (toasters, bagel slicer, disposable soap dispensers, sponges, dishrags, towels, paper towels, paper napkins.
  • Remove any towels hanging on the oven door.
  • A bowl of fresh, multicolored fruit makes a nice centerpiece.
  • Set the table with your best place settings if possible.


  • Remove everything from bathroom counters except for decorative items.
  • Close the toilet lids.
  • Close the shower curtain.
  • Remove robes and any items hanging on doors.
  • Hang matching, decorative hand towels.


  • Remove all cars from the driveway and close the garage doors.
  • Make sure that the yard is picked up. Remove any tree branches, children’s toys and movable play structures, bikes, wagons, etc.
  • Remove garbage cans from the street.

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