Staging Vacant Homes is Essential

I often tell my sellers how important staging is, particularly when the home is vacant.  Sometimes the sellers have extra furniture and it’s an easy task but often times it’s not which then leads to a discussion about furniture rental and a professional staging service.  Of course, having a vacant home is already an expensive proposition so adding the cost of a staging service is often another burden.  This month, I found myself on the other side of the equation as I was in the process of getting ready to sell one of my rental homes.  I started thinking “well, maybe it doesn’t really need staging, after all, it looks really nice as is.”  Luckily, I listened to my own advice, hired the stagers and rented the furniture.  The transformation was absolutely amazing!  I was so impressed with the service that I’ve decided to partner with them and offer a complimentary staging consultation to all of my seller clients.

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