FALL RIVER | Wisconsin

At A Glance

Fall River is a town located just off Lazy Lake, which is just north the town, and is bisected by the Crawfish River. The river has created an interesting historical tale for Fall River. A.A. Brayton is known to be one of the first settlers to the area when he built his home in 1845. He then diverted a portion of the river through one of his mills to produce waterpower for gasoline engines. This made Fall River a hub for industry and helped establish the town into what it is today.

Fall River used to be notorious for the “New England” style main street, but nowadays it is harder to recognize. One thing has not changed overtime, however. The children love to get their feet wet when crossing the river on their walk to and from school. This puts a joyous touch to any Fall River resident’s morning.

Municipal Building -- Fall River, WI

Community Information

Fall River boasts two parks, Village Park and Brayton Park, that provide a great community center and activities for the whole family. Both parks are located near the river for a quick refreshing swim on a hot summer day at the park.

The school district dedicates time and ensures that every student will achieve its greatest potential. Fall River schools provide opportunities for the challenging and empowering students to be respectful, resourceful, and responsible students for the 21st century. One highlight that the school district promotes is their involvement for Jump Rope for Heart, which benefits the American Heart Association.

Brayton Park -- Fall River, WI

Fall River is a fantastic place to live and is unique with a warm and welcoming feel. 

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