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What Makes Lodi Special?

The Lodi and Lake Wisconsin area features restaurants, shopping, and year round outdoor fun - all in a small town feel. All of the activities take a back stage to our beautiful 10,000 acre lake-Lake Wisconsin. This well kept secret, offers boating, fishing, skiing, tubing and swimming fun! Lodi real estate includes beautiful lakefront homes and cottages.

Lake Wisconsin -- Lodi, WI

Legend of Susie the Duck

In 1948, a country mallard made Lodi her home. She settled in the downtown area and laid her eggs in a large masonry basket full of beautiful flowers. When her eggs hatched, she drew quite a bit of attention as locals and visitors came to observe her brood. Lodi’s then police chief and his granddaughter also came to see the small fuzzy baby ducklings and their mother.  The chief asked his granddaughter what she thought the mother duck’s name should be?  She replied “Susie”. Susie has faithfully returned to her flower basket for years, raising many ducklings and much media attention. Through the years, many “Susies” have nested the flower basket.  Each year Lodi hosts an annual “Susie the Duck Day celebrating the famous fowl who nests in the heart of Lodi.

Lodi, WI

Lodi School District

The Lodi School District makes an active commitment to student education and strives not only achieve, but exceed expectations. For example, they recognize that each student has different learning styles and speeds so they implemented flexible scheduling for children from the grades of Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. This helps students and parents who are trying to schedule and plan for the school year. In high school, Lodi’s ACT scores are consistently above average and have always received “Exceeds Expectations” on State Report Cards.

Downtown, Lodi WI

Lodi Hospitals

The closest hospital to Lodi is the Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital, which is 12 miles away. Team members at the Sauk Prairie Hospital go the extra mile for their patients as the standard for their care. They make sure to put the patient first and to assist wherever possible. 

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