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Fast Facts

Located on the eastern and southern shores of Lake Monona, this suburb provides its residents a range of opportunities both on the lake and off. On the lake, there are three different public boat launch sites and over four miles of shoreline. This provides many fun activities such as ice fishing or wakeboarding, and everything in between. Off the lake, there are many parks and open spaces. Monona boasts over 50 parks in this suburb. These parks host community events such as Fourth of July Celebrations, Fall Festivals and other holiday events. Along with the parks, Monona also hosts the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, who focuses on appreciate the beauty of nature. There is always a bike trail nearby and Monona is a scenic community that is perfect for walking or biking. Monona is very close to the capitol city, Madison, its airport, and Highway 12. Monona is the perfect location for the natural beauty, while balancing the resources of a larger town.

Lake Monona -- Monona, WI


Monona combines with Cottage Grove to create the Monona Grove School District. This district maintains a tradition of excellence, continuous improvement, and high standards. The staff makes a strong commitment to student achievement and provides culturally responsive teaching to all varieties of learning. They do this by creating positive relationships with students, staff, parents and community. The district strives to attract, retain, and developing diverse, high quality staff. Most importantly, they provide a safe and healthy environment that fosters respect and culturally responsive practices.

Aldo Leopold Nature Conservacy -- Monona, WI


Monona boasts the perk of being a suburb of natural beauty, while balancing resources of the larger town. One of these resources is being very close in proximity to the UW Hospital. This is one of, if not the, best health care facilities in the state. Their innovative research is one of the top in their field, and they go the extra mile for their patients. Monona is also very close to St. Mary’s in Sun Prairie, WI, which is another incredible health care provider. 

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