STOUGHTON | Wisconsin

Fast Facts

Stoughton, Wisconsin is the birth place of the coffee break, community television and the world famous Stoughton High School Norwegian Dancers.  Located on the scenic Yahara River, Stoughton is just minutes away from the state capitol of Madison, Wisconsin.  Stoughton is a beautiful community with its many historic neighborhoods, and its gorgeous historic downtown.  At the top of downtown stands our spectacular city hall that also houses the crown jewel of Stoughton, the Stoughton Opera House - "Southern Wisconsin's Most Charming Theater”. The Stoughton Opera House is a booming tourist attraction bringing tens of thousands of people to Stoughton annually with an enormous repertoire of locally, regionally, nationally and internationally renowned performers.


Stoughton Opera House -- Stoughton, WI


Stoughton school district boasts a higher than most graduation rate for most Dane county schools. They consistently do this by having the resources of the large school to meeting the student’s needs, while being small enough to personalize the learning for all students. Over one half of their teachers have advanced teaching degrees and 95% of students graduate high school. Together, teachers and students work together to mutually achieve in both academics and extracurricular activities. They offer learning for ages 4 until high school, where they would attend Stoughton High School.


Yahara River -- Stoughton, WI


Stoughton offers the Stoughton Hospital, which offers over 100 years of trusted care close to home. They ensure skilled diagnosis, treatments and quality care for the patients. This community healthcare provider continually receives high satisfaction ratings for their services year after year. With their first priority being the patient and family, it is no wonder that their emergency department was in the 95th percentile for patient satisfaction

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