Wisconsin Dells attracts more than 2.5 million visitors annually, making it the Midwest's number one family vacation destination. Some guests are attracted to the area's natural beauty, others to the rush of a ride, or the taste of fine cuisine. In 2000, the World Waterpark Association recognized Wisconsin Dells as the nation's leader in indoor/outdoor water recreation because of the area's quality, quantity and sophistication of water entertainment. It was the ingenious idea of some local resort owners to put a roof over a waterpark attraction and, voila, the phenomenon that is the indoor waterpark became synonymous with Wisconsin Dells. There are a multitude of Wisconsin Dells indoor waterparks and water playgrounds to choose from, with accommodations to suit every fancy. They are open 12 months a year, so no excuses when it comes to finding a convenient time to visit. We're home to the country's largest outdoor waterpark, Noah's Ark Waterpark. Even the many indoor waterpark resorts have sprawling outdoor waterparks out back. We call that the best of both worlds.

Noah's Ark Waterpark -- Wisconsin Dells, WI

If theres a little thrill seeker in you, you can ride a roller coaster, take the wheel behind a go-kart, zip your way through the tree tops, scale that rock wall. The Wisconsin Dells area boasts several places to taste handcrafted beverages. A walkable, wonderful stretch of all that's good about getting away. Whether you are looking for something delicious, entertaining or stylish - Downtown Wisconsin Dells is worth making the trip for. The Dells is one of the more highly entertaining vacation destinations in the country, as evidenced by the list of live entertainment and theater options below. Ski stunts, larger than life magic tricks, nationally recognized entertainers and acrobats flying through the air - we just know you'll enjoy the show.

Tommy Bartlett Show -- Wisconsin Dells, WI

In the Dells, the school system has, once again, received Honor Roll for its students’ Advanced Placement scores. They have expanded opportunities and have improved performance. This is the result from the district’s dedication to providing the best possible education for its students. Their mission is to strive to connect, inspire and achieve for everyone, every day in order to cultivate academic excellence today for a stronger tomorrow. This forward mindset puts them ahead of other districts, which can be seen in their student’s accolades.


The Wisconsin Dells is home to two different health care providers, the Dell’s Clinic and Mile Bluffs Delton Family Medical Center. The Clinic focuses on family practice, obstetrics, and podiatry. Mile Bluff’s focuses on the same practices, but also physical, occupational, and massage therapies.



There is much more to see than just waterparks in the Dells, but you definitely want to check out the "Waterpark Capital of the World"!


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